Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Food In the New Year

Let's get this straight -- these are not resolutions. I have a notoriously poor track record with keeping resolutions. Instead, they are techniques and ingredients upon which I intend to focus in 2008.

1) Wine. I don't like wine. But it's not easy to get good beer everywhere, and I am now at an age where I am not allowed to make faces at the dinner table just because wine is gross I don't like something.

Step 1: Stop saying wine is gross.
Step 2: Drink more wine. (I bought a bottle that had a nice description...we'll see how it tastes. Hopefully not gross.)

2) Tea. I dislike tea less than I dislike wine. I like red tea and ginger tea and lemon tea and sugarysugarysugary chai. I do not like green tea or black tea or that weird tea in Chinese restaurants that smells like chrysanthemums.
Step 1: Drink more tea. I have over 100 red tea bags (mum rules, she mailed me some from home) and lots of ginger and lemons, and now I have this awesome stuff to make my own chai. (And I even have black tea that my friends gave me -- it makes better chai than red tea, sorry to say.)
Step 2: Buy a tea ball. The current method of straining with a colander means that things spill everywhere...so I use more tea, but I don't drink more tea.

3) Chile peppers. Not the best food for a cook who doesn't measure. Also, chile peppers can make your hands tingle. When it happened to me (starting a few hours after I'd cooked) I was pretty convinced that I was dying of some weird rare neurological disease.
Step 1: Buy chile peppers.
Step 2: Use frequently and sparingly.

4) Pickled and fermented foods. I already like miso and tempeh and soy sauce and dill pickles and olives. I'd like to try cooking with kimchi and natto and different Indian pickles.

5) Intentional cooking. It's not like I just happen to trip over the stove and **Poof!** there's food. It's more that I rarely if ever plan ahead. So this year I'll make a weekly meal plan stop buying food just because it's inexpensive use my slow cooker and pressure cooker more often, make big batches of food and freeze leftovers, and try to do some prepwork/precooking on weekends.

Happy cooking and happy 2008!


Blogger Carrie said...


I like your fifth item very much - I also need to learn to do prep work on the weekends. So, you have a pressure cooker? I'm intrigued by pressure cookers.

Regarding the third item, just remember to not touch your eyes after working with chile peppers. Because that's painful.

And for the first item, I hate red wine intensely, but I love many white wines. I don't mean to be a wine racist, but the red stuff just tastes super nasty to me. Well not always. If something is cooked in red wine, I'm okay with it.


Thursday, January 03, 2008 9:23:00 AM  
Blogger bek said...

Hey Carrie,

I do own a pressure cooker -- unfortunately it's in my parents' basement. I've never actually used it because I was scared that it might explode, but a friend of mine cooks beans and veggies and stuff in hers with no problems :) I really wanted to try it but it will probably have to wait until I move back to Ohio...

Sunday, January 06, 2008 7:08:00 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Pressure cookers also intimidate me. BUT, through the internets, I have read that they now have multiple safety features and whatnot.

I think my mom had something explode when I was kid, thus my fear!

Monday, January 07, 2008 12:07:00 PM  
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