Sunday, December 23, 2007


I'm very excited to be having "Christmas Eve" dinner tomorrow with Nupur, her husband, and their dog. (I say "Christmas Eve" because no one present actually celebrates Christmas. Of course, it is Christmas Eve regardless of whether we celebrate it or maybe I should remove the quotation marks. Nah.)

So, just in time, I finished the last-of-four Odessas. There are clear beads on it, even though you can't tell from the photograph.

I also made Carrie's biscotti. I substituted dark chocolate bits for the semi-sweet mini-chips. Next time, I'll search out the semi-sweet chocolate. I loooooove dark chocolate but I think that it overpowered the rest of the flavors in the cookie.

I'm bringing a bottle of wine too. I don't really like wine (I think that it tastes like gasoline with a little battery acid), and I've decided that my New Year's resolution will be to learn. (I've done this successfully with several foods.) So I also bought wine for me! We'll see if I can taste its promised hints of chocolate and cherry and other wonderful things.


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