Saturday, December 22, 2007

Food and Music

I am constantly amazed at how much I eat. I am lucky to have reliable access to inexpensive fresh produce, and I take full advantage of it. (I've never had problems with quality either. Well, except for last week's mangoes. The produce guy said that they were "hit or miss", and implied that I shouldn't buy them. I interpreted that as "very very ripe, need to use them quickly, too much for one person", and in reality, 9 were entirely rotten and the other 3 were rock hard. I threw those out too, because I'd already cut them and so they wouldn't ever ripen. Out $2, no big deal.)

Anyone who sees me probably assumes (if they think about it at all, which I doubt) that I'm buying food for an entire family. But no, it's just me. Here's what I got this week:

1 pineapple: $1
1 lb cherries: $3
3 lb green beans: $2
3 heads cauliflower: $1
3 heads lettuce: $1
10 oranges: $1
1 bunch celery: $1
a lot of onions: $3

And something else I'm forgetting apparently, because I'm short $1. Or maybe I'm just off on the price somewhere.

I'm also a little in love with a couple of cheesy songs that I heard on the radio yesterday. (That's 2 confessions in one, people. Yes, I listen to the radio -- there's no CD player in my car -- and yes, I have a soft spot for cheesy music. But only some of it. Feel free to lose any respect that you may have had for me.) Here's one:

And the other has embedding "disabled by request", so you can see it here. And happy Solstice/early merry Christmas/late happy Hanukkah/enjoy your random non-holiday!


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