Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ravelry is hard work!

So I got my Ravelry invite earlier this week, or maybe last week. Sometime recently. There's a lot to like about it (as about a zillion people have said so far), but what nobody talks about is how much WORK it is. Now, granted, there are a lot of people who've done tons of work to make it happen -- there are a lot of nifty little link-and-search buttons and other cool features that have obviously taken a lot of time and effort. And I suppose that, as a Ravelry user, it would be OK to just post a list of projects with no details and no pictures. But there's this vibe (at least so far in the beta-testing group; I'm still curious to see how things will change when it's open to everyone) of very high expectations. It takes a village to raise a sweater. And there are people out there (cough, Kabs) who document stuff, and are happy to have another outlet for documentation. Me, not so much. My goal today is to post 3 FOs. These will be the easy ones -- the pics are taken, stuff's already written in my blog, cut, paste, voila. WIPs will get dealt with at some point, and then, GROAN, I'll maybe just maybe deal with posting my stash. (Oh. And if you're not Kabs and don't already know, this is me on Ravelry.)


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