Saturday, August 04, 2007

More Bags!

So I finally finished the bags for the Reusable Bag Challenge. It's crazy how fast stenciling is -- not that my results are amazing or anything, but still. You can make something in like 15 minutes. (I sense more stenciling in my future...I have a ton of leftover paint. And cardboard. And an X-acto knife. Mmmmm X-acto knife.)

So here's the final products:

(It's fronts and backs -- I wish that I had 6 of them, but there's only 3.) I had great ideas for cheesy eco-slogans, but my crappy stenciling "skills" would have left smaller letters looking like random blotches. So I went with short-and-sweet and then made potato-print hearts and stars. Overall, very fun, and now I have more bags. Woot!


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