Friday, August 10, 2007

In Which Things Return to My Life

First off, just have to say it: 100th post! Woo! I am sad that I don't have a 100th-post booty-fruity, since that is still my favorite part of this blog, few and far between as those posts are. Oh well, I can always edit that in later.

And in the past few days, I've had things show up that were randomly missing. And I am excited.

The first: Freedomland. It's a book that I read ages ago (as in, high school, but not for school), loved, and then promptly forgot all identifying information. I remembered a few scenes, the cover picture, and that the author's last name started with a P. And I've been looking for it ever since. I stumbled across it a few days ago at the (otherwise deficient) St. Louis Public Library. And I still love it. But apparently other people don't -- you can get a one-cent copy on Amazon. So I'm buying it. Whee!

The second: my dog. She was only gone for about 5 minutes -- slipped out the front gate, then ran around to the back of the house, and appeared outside of the back gate. I'm confused and happy that she came back rather than running away when she had the chance, because shame on me, I hadn't even noticed that she'd disappeared.

The third: my favorite vegetable peeler. I am indeed a big enough kitchen dork to have one. I lost it during the move, and I've been using a random crappy one for the last 2 months. (I kept forgetting to buy a new one -- it wouldn't have lived up to my favorite one anyways.) Well, I was digging around for my Cuisinart shredder attachment and found my peeler in the "useless stuff" box. Yay!

And the fourth: my seeeeeestar! I haven't seen her in a few months either, and she's been gradually becoming one of the Corn People. (Kraki.) But she has decided to come visit me this weekend, just for the hell of it. And we will go shopping and eating and wandering. And that is sweet.

Happy weekend! (And be afraid for Monday the 13th...)


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