Friday, February 08, 2008


Today is my two-week "anniversary" of carlessness. I'm grateful to Jessie and Nupur and Jackie for driving me places, thus making the carlessness possible. Dad's made a lot of progress dealing with the insurance company, and I hope to have the car back soon-ish. Not much bloggable has been going on -- CPH is stalled, Kabs' mystery project is going well but it's a secret, and I've not cooked anything recently that merits a post. So, here's a post that's been bubbling for a while.

I was told that I'm not easily impressed. This is true. And I don't know why it's like that, but it is...and when put on the spot, the only thing that I could think of was "I'm impressed by people who can burp on command." Absolutely, entirely, 100% true. But I knew that there had to be more...because honestly (I promise) I'm not that shallow. So here we no particular order, and with no promises of completeness.

-I'm impressed by people who are multilingual.
-And people who can knit sweaters like it's no big deal.
-And people who wake up without hitting "snooze" on their alarms.
-And people with consistently well-behaved dogs.
-I'm ridiculously impressed by Maya Lin.
-I'm impressed by people who can program code. (Is that redundant?)
-And people who are articulate.
-And electrons. Very impressed by electrons.
-I'm impressed by gardeners.
-And neurons.
-And people in the US who've chosen to be carless. (This really and truly had been thought of before my car got stolen...but the last two weeks have confirmed my original thoughts.)
-And people who can write vegan recipes that don't use margarine, Ener-G powder, or any other "fake" egg, dairy, or meat products.
-And lots of other things too, I'm sure. It's been my mind-occupying tool-of-choice recently when walking to work, and I've thought of about a zillion things that impress me. But then I've forgotten them. So I guess I'm impressed by people with good memories.

AKA Not Me. (I do apologize for the lack of interesting posts...working on it.)


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