Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Things I've Read

So I think that along with the list of projects for which I will buy yarn in approximately 361 days, I should start a list of things that I've read...because I hate when all that I can come up with (while trying to recommend something to someone else) is "that one book...you know". I've lost track of books before -- two of them, to be precise -- and I miss them...I liked the stories but I just can't remember enough to find them. And I have a very strong feeling that it will happen with two books that I read yesterday, if I don't write them down. (I typoed a slash where the comma is -- and yes, ironically, I intended to type typoed; it's a verb now -- and liked the way that it looked. Very bad poetry. Oh noetry. TfD is the best.) Apex Hides the Hurt was a little heavy-handed but I liked it anyways; for me there's a very very very fine line between too heavy-handed and so subtle that I don't get it. And then I read The Brief History of the Dead, which was exceptional. I think that I'd read an excerpt of it a long time ago...and it was one of those things that would pop up in my head at random times. The cover picture is really cool...and the story is oddly compelling. I can't really describe it -- mainly because I'm a ridiculously poor descriptionist -- the closest that I can come is like, trying to describe how pretty the moon is...everyone knows what it looks like, but it's just impossible to come up with why it was so amazing on one given night. Kinda like, you had to be there...but even if you were there, it wouldn't necessarily be the same for you anyways. But I liked it. (And this post shows why I am not a literary critic.)


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