Sunday, June 25, 2006

Monkeys with Typewriters title is somewhat double-meaninged. I love ambiguity -- except in knitting patterns, grrr -- and so take of it what you will, but here's what I was thinking. A short interview with the author:

Me: So, what were you thinking when you wrote this title?
Me: Well, the title refers to a quote that I heard once; it said that a thousand monkeys with typewriters would eventually reproduce the works of Shakespeare.
Me: I see. And how does this relate to your literary vision?
Me: One one level, I see most bloggers as monkeys with typewriters -- we're all just throwing thoughts out there, hoping that someday they'll be read by people other than the two (Hi Beast! Hi Kabs!) who encouraged us to write them. On another level, it's how people learn to do things...there are streams of sajhfoaensoifwetjfdlkkkkdsgnreiu before you ever get a "To be or not to be..." and that is why I love my digital camera. (Thank you to the family!) I can delete all of the too-dark-too-light-out-of-focus-just-plain-whoops pictures and keep the good ones. And on another level, I just like to say monkeys with typewriters. It should be a punk band (all good phrases should be punk bands), but as far as I know, it is not.

Now, for all of you graphics-oriented types, the pictures:

And this one is my favorite:

And just to keep up the booty-fruity theme (see Beast's blog):

And that is about all the pics that my computer can handle for now...


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