Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy Garden Moment

Sounds a little like Engrish...but Happy Garden Moment is not a Japanese beverage of any sort. (I matches on Google, of any sort. I appear to be the queen of unpopular cool-sounding phrases recently.) Nope, Happy Garden Moment is what happened earlier this morning. I came home from walking the dog, stopped to examine my "garden" (the collection of potted plants on my front "lawn"), and noticed the following:

Yep...tomatoes. Now, most people wouldn't think that there's anything miraculous about tomatoes on a tomato plant (because it is, indeed, a tomato plant), but I haven't successfully grown a plant in over 5 years of trying. Well, one year I got a single tomato...and I think that the sheer shock of that promptly killed the tomato plant. Here's hoping to avoiding that this year.

I also have some beautiful basil:

And probably some neighbors that think that I'm crazy for sitting outside, taking pictures of plants. I was having fun messing with the settings, and also figured out, completely by accident, how to turn off the flash. (I was going to take a picture of what button to press, but it's kind of like you can't carry yourself in a wheelbarrow... as far as I know, it's impossible to take a good picture of the back of one's own camera.)

My poor plants probably felt somewhat like the Jolie-Pitt children. I, however, am unable to afford to buy a compound in Africa to protect my tomatoes from now their picture will be splashed all over the web -- damn the consequences! :)


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