Wednesday, July 05, 2006

100% serious...but wavering...

So I'm still planning on a yarnless year...or at least a year with no new yarn acquisitions. The weasel in me wonders whether I can buy used yarn (off of eBay...yet another weakness) or pull an Ira-on-Shabbos-esque "I really wish that the TV was on...". Answer: no. Dammit. But, but, but....what if I really really really really want it? Answer: still no. Double dammit. Because there will always be things that I want. Like, uh, world peace? Yep. And yarn. Yaaaaaaaaaarn. I'm currently working on Tubey (pics at some point), and plan on acquiring yarn -- by Saturday -- for the following projects: Kyoto, the One Skein tank top, the razor cami, Lana (though honestly, why do knitted projects have to have dumb names? From now on, it shall be known as the skirt-i-love...though i have several skirts-i-love...hence, i guess, the dumb names...) and maybe-just-maybe, the Brioche Bodice (about two-thirds of the way down the page). And Kabs is going to give me yarn as a way-too-generous thanks for catwatching, so I will be making a lovely cabled cardi-hoodie. Someday. (And actually...I'd already planned on buying for Kyoto & One-Skein, and I think that the razor cami will be a stashbuster...that leaves only 2 projects unbudgeted for. Sweet...)


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