Sunday, June 18, 2006

The hats, without cats...

So... Kabs knits. Beast knits. Several thousand other people that I know knit too. And publish gorgeous patterns, ugly patterns, easy patterns, and complicated patterns. Or they just knit on a whim, and don't deal with patterns at all. (I envy them...patternless knitting for me just doesn't work. I almost never follow patterns exactly...but I'm an editor, not a writer.)

And yes, I knit too. And I attempt to crochet. I have made only 2 crocheted items ever. One, a hat, the other...

It goes by the name "Lumpy Masterpiece"...note the uneven brim, excess fabric at the top, and the misguided attempt at the bow. The "pattern" for this was to single crochet a rectangle, seam it to form a cylinder, gather one edge (to form the top of the hat) and then fold up the other edge to form the brim. It's actually very easy and I wish that I remember where the pattern came from. However, since it was my first project, my "rectangle" was anything but. (It's cute in its own abstract way...honest.) It's sitting on a ball of Diakeito yarn that is awaiting size 13 needles, so that it can become a headband. Or maybe I will peruse One Skein and see if there's anything else that catches my attention.

For a while, I knit only baby hats -- instant gratification and easy enough to knit while paying attention to other things (like professors, or television). I've made about 50 in the past year, and here are two that I haven't sent yet -- I donate them to Touching Little Lives, which is where I got the pattern.

They're being watched over by Mama hat, which I did not knit.

I'm currently working on a larger project, which I will post later.


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