Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Recipe Transmogrification

Snow evening, yay! (I had daytime classes but my night class was cancelled due to weather, or, more accurately, St. Louis weatherphobia.) I decided that I really wanted chocolate cookies, so I found this recipe. I'm out of brown sugar, so I followed the substitution given here -- well, more or less. I was too lazy to oil my measuring spoon, so instead of adding 4 T molasses, I added 7 T-ishes. (Yes, a T-ish is a measure.) And when it came time to decrease the (almond) milk by 3 T, I fudged the calculations a little and probably decreased it by only about a T-and-a-half. So when it came to the point of dropping the batter by spoonfuls onto the cookie sheet, I decided to make cake instead. (I baked it for about 23 minutes until the center was just set.) Chocolate cookies turning into molasses cake -- why do these things always seem to happen to me? :)

Here it is right out of the oven:

And with cherry jam:

Now, off to do the homework that would have been due in about an hour...


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