Sunday, October 07, 2007


So life's been pretty same-old, same-old recently. Nothing bad, but nothing too exciting, at least not in the bloggable realms of food and knitting. This is mostly a place-marker post so that next time I decide to blog, I won't feel like it's been forever and give up. (I'll be doing a lot of traveling in the next couple of months -- family and friends, not scenic places -- and so blogging will be more sparse than usual.)

CPH is semi-stalled -- I keep wanting uninterrupted time so that I don't screw up the sleeve caps. That usually happens during SnB, but last week I was having a totally frantic day so I got there late and left early, and didn't want to risk messing up the sleeves. And beast visited this weekend so my faux-plan of knitting at a coffeeshop didn't happen either. (Fun visit though!) I guess I'll try again at SnB this week, and failing that, take it on the trip to Philly. (Cables on a plane!) And I need to hunt down a book that I'm using as inspiration for the hood. And a copy of SnB so that I can remember how to sew shoulder seams. I'm also working on a twist-cable knit-in-the-round baby hat while I'm in classes, and a gift for beast.

I've cooked a decent amount recently, but nothing that I haven't made before. (Except for some bread that I'd actually like to take a second try at before I post the results.) Most of my kitchen wonderful-osity has taken place at Campus Kitchen, which I love, and am going to try and recreate at OSU when I go back.

Until whenever!


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