Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My dad is cooler than I am.

Not always. (Just to get that out of the way, and to give me the chance to tell some dad stories.) For instance, I had the joy of explaining body shots to my parents. And I got to tell Dad that the colon-parenthesis in my email was not a typo. And then there was the following moment in Dad-history:

Scene: Family Vacation. We're in the car, and Dad is flipping through radio stations. Music comes on.

Dad: I know who this is. It's Limp Bizkit! (Pause.) And I even know that they spell it funny.

That's my second-favorite Dad moment. The first is when he stuck noodles up his nose. It was great. (I like to remind him of that during Thanksgiving dinner. And then ask Mom to tell her one-and-only joke. That's when I get excused from the table.)

But Dad is actually quite cool. He named the dog after beer. (Thankfully not Natty...but that would be a pretty sweet dog name.) And then yesterday's email. (All paraphrased until the last one...)

Me: I'm getting annoying emails from someone that I don't care to talk to. Do I ignore them or answer and say that I'm busy?
Dad: Say hi, thanks for the emails, very busy, hope you're well. AMF.
Me: AMF?
Dad: Adios, and you fill in the MF.

Totally made my day. Totally.


Blogger Cabbage said...

i am so totally laughing out loud. A LOT. like, still, a lot... your dad is awesome! and p.s. what beer?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 3:52:00 PM  

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