Saturday, July 28, 2007

No kale, no watermelon

I didn't go to the farmers' market last Saturday and I regretted it all week. So even though I had less sleep than usual last night, I woke up at 9, walked the dog, and went downtown. I've gotten kind of sick of watermelon, so I passed on that. And then I was sad to see that the leafy veggies booth had no kale. If they're still out of it next week, I guess I'll try mustard greens or something. Sniff, whimper.

Here's what I got, as best as I can remember. (Seriously...there's so much to look at and buy, that once something's in my bag, it's pretty much forgotten until I get home. I haven't bought the same thing from two different booths yet, but I probably will one of these days.)

1 pint Roma tomatoes - $1
3 lb green beans - $2.55
3 large zucchini - $1
2 lb cherries - $4
2 heads Romaine lettuce - $1

No definite plans for any of it yet; I'll figure something out.


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