Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kitchen Success

Today was a better cooking day. I volunteered at Campus Kitchen and it was really nice -- there were only 5 of us, but everyone knew what they were doing and things went super-smoothly. And, I made some strange-yet-tasty baked goods in my own kitchen.

I am a fan of odd food combinations (in fact, I am currently snacking on nori and yellow mustard) but I never would have thought to make zucchini brownies. I found the recipe here and made only minor changes: didn't peel the zucchini (and chopped them in the food processor), added a little extra cocoa powder, and subbed in 1 t baking powder for the 1/2 tsp baking soda. And they turned out damn good. A little cake-like; I'd probably describe it as a chocolate zucchini bread. But they were moist and chocolatey and easy and vegan. I will make them again, because zucchini is cheap.

My Magic Loop dishcloth is going well (knock on wood). I'm hoping to have it done in time to show off at SnB tomorrow. And I'll post pics too.


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