Monday, May 14, 2007

Blogging Counts as "Productive", Right?

So I noticed that it's been about 6 weeks since I last posted. Oops. I've been busy, I swear. And I still am, but I got a horrible terrible very bad migraine headache earlier today, and I'm still not really up to studying. So I'll blog -- I know that sometime I will want to look back at this period of my life, and celebrate that I made it through with sanity intact. (And hopefully, degree in hand.)

And yet, after that intro, I feel like I don't have much to say. I haven't cooked much...mostly just reheated and/or blended the contents of my freezer so that I won't have to throw out a lot of food when I move. And the knitting time has been decimated by the "no more class! you're free! go and study" schedule. I do have a couple of AFOs (distinguished from UFOs by the fact that they're almost finished) but I probably won't get around to blocking them until after I move.

Preparing to move -- for me -- is scarier than preparing for the boards. And finding a place that's cool with pets, relatively cheap, and relatively close to school is proving to be a challenge. Hopefully something will work. If not, we can live out of the trunk of my car for a while...OK, not funny, I take it back. Something will work. Because if, I'm screwed. Plain and simple. And I will take my pets and gallivant around Europe for a year. And since I lack a passport (cue lecture from Dad), that's not an option.

Today's moment of amusement/frustration (I seem to have a lot of those...let's call it frustmusement...because astration just doesn't sound good) came while talking on the phone to an apartment company.

Me: Oh, OK, sounds good. Just to confirm: I've got an appointment to tour the apartment on _________ at 1 PM. Before I forget, what's your pet policy?
Them: Pets are great!
Me: Even big dogs?
Them: Yes, just no aggressive breeds: pit bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds...
Me: How about mixed breeds? My dog is half-shepherd...

And apparently, if she's listed as a shepherd mix on her vet record, she is officially an aggressive dog. Scary, scary, scary Loki:

Granted, she looks a little demonic there. But she looks purely adorable and appropriately harmless here:

Nice, sedate (a little misleading), and totally, totally, totally not aggressive. So, I still have an appointment on the books, but I'm going to cancel. Because they are canine racists.


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