Saturday, July 14, 2007

Farmer's Market Madness

Saturday: Farmer's Market Day, aka the day that I fill my fridge cheaply. Today was frustrating in that it took me FOREVER to find a parking spot -- even the very far away one that I eventually pulled into -- and of course today was the day where I bought the most stuff. I blame the Saturday Market Bag. I'd thrown it in my purse as an afterthought before I left this morning; it was sitting on the table and I figured why not. (The handles on the plastic grocery bags get kinda painful after a while.) Well, the SMB stretches like crazy, and since my unofficial policy is to shop until I can't hold anything else...I bought a TON of stuff.

1 seedless watermelon (and the produce stand manager made sure that I had the biggest one -- best value for the price and all...)
3 lb kale (I am the kale-i-nator...)
2 lb string beans
3 lb nectarines
1 lb apricots
6 zucchini
3 pattypan squash
1 pint of mini-Roma tomatoes (that's how the stand labeled them...)
2 avocadoes

I feel like I've forgotten something too. Whatever. Then I stopped at the international market and bought tahini, nori, Indian eggplants (literally the size of eggs -- they're fabulous), and fresh shiitake mushrooms, which for some reason smell awful. I'm hoping that they're not rotten or anything. So I am in the midst of a produce-fest. First things to meet the knife will be the nectarines and the kale, and then I'll work my way through everything else. I love summer, but I certainly go overboard sometimes.


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