Monday, July 09, 2007

I think I'm getting old.

So Counting Crows are coming to St. Louis. I was excited until I realized that tickets were almost $50 each, and now I'm fairly certain that I'm not going. That makes me sad. And Watershed is playing their only Columbus show (since forever, and apparently for a while in the future) in about a month. They, unfortunately, are not coming to St. Louis. And yes, I looked at airline tickets. And yes, I'm seriously considering going. So maybe I'm not getting old, maybe I'm just going crazy. (Downside: the venue sucks hardcore. Tickets are cheap though...) Of course, the most expensive concert that I've ever attended was a free show; it just happened to be an 8 hour drive from home. And it was actually the Counting Crows, strangely enough.

I had other thoughts. They've just been drowned in an onslaught of concert-related self-pity. And rain. I most definitely got drenched walking home from work today; I really should invest in an umbrella. And some concert tickets...


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