Saturday, July 14, 2007

Human Food Processor

I am a human food processor, aka veggie ninja, aka kinda sick of being in the kitchen chopping stuff. I'm glad that this whole med school thing worked out, because I'm learning that my Plan B (culinary school) would have sucked. So far, I've used half of the nectarines making Beast's fruit crisp -- my version had extra cinnamon, a little allspice, a little cardamom, some extra oats, no lemon juice, and no nuts. It's amazing.

When I opened the fridge to get out the kale, I was overwhelmed by the unpleasant eau de shiitake, so I decided to roast them. I mixed soy sauce, rice vinegar, minced garlic, sesame oil, and sugar, but I totally Cajuned the mushrooms so they were kinda bitter. (Cajuned = family word for burnt; nothing to do with actual Cajun cooking...) The sauce was great, but I think that I'll cook the mushrooms for only 10 minutes instead of 20. And since the oven was on, I roasted the green beans. Olive oil and salt. Perfect.

I'll cook the kale later, in what has become my ritualistic slice-and-boil. I used up the last of the previous bunch of kale yesterday making a kale, broccoli, and potato casserole. (I make this stuff at least twice a month but I don't think that I've taken pictures of it before.)

And actually, I've never put broccoli in it before, but I didn't have as much kale as I'd thought, and the broccoli was calling out to me from the otherwise-empty fridge. I like it.

(Still left to use: half of nectarines, kale, zucchini, pattypans...and other stuff.)


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