Monday, June 18, 2007

Bag? What Bag?

Why, this bag! (Thanks to Kabs for the title.)

And while I know that you thought that you'd never see another knit FO on these pages again...and to be honest, I'm not sure what (or when) the last posted FO was. The last few things I've made have been unphotographed and therefore unposted. :( But anyway, here are the details.

Yarn: Rowan Linen Print in Blush, about 160 yd (slightly less than 3 balls of yarn). This yarn has been discontinued.

Pattern: Saturday Market Bag, with disdressed's mods. Instead of the garter stitch edging, I crocheted 1 rnd of sc and 2 rnds of dc, then picked up stitches for the garter stitch straps. And I crocheted a flower using this tutorial. (Slightly modified, of course, and she notes that her "dc" is really an "sc".)

My bag is smaller: about 9" tall and 12" wide, unstretched, not counting the handles. It stretches like crazy but I haven't put anything heavy in it yet to see just how much. I'm going to take it to the library this afternoon and stuff it full of books.

I actually really enjoyed this pattern -- it was a really simple pattern for lace (4 rows over 2n plus 3 stitches) and the first lace that I've successfully completed. (Booya for size 15 needles.) The seams were a bitch and I effed up the join on the handles (uh, hence the crocheted flower) -- next time I'll probably do the 3 needle bindoff at the top of the handles where it's not noticeable, or sew them to the bag (ugh), or learn kitchener stitch.

And a gratuitous closeup of the stitch pattern and my flower.