Wednesday, December 06, 2006


So I've taken my last exam for 2006. And it feels very nice. I like. I've been cooking (and slacking) and generally enjoying my life...boring though it may be.

I made a chickpea pot pie, based loosely on Judy Krizmanic's recipe from A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian, which I almost picked up the other day at the bookstore. I didn't because (a) I'm not a teen (although I do have the sense of humor of a 13-year-old boy...) and (b) if I don't know how to be a vegetarian by now, I'm doing something wrong. But it's a good recipe. No pics, because I sank the crust into the filling and it looks rather unappealing.

Right now in the oven is a kale-and-potato loveliness, based loosely on a recipe from Recipezaar. I'm excited about it -- I rarely have kale and potatoes in the house at the same time. (And usually when I make this stuff, it's to use up leftovers...I was astonished at the number of dishes that it took to make from scratch all at once.)

And this morning for breakfast I had a bek-version of a mango, soymilk, ginger, cardamom, and a splash of OJ. All made in my early Hanukkah present from beast. I've bought her a gift but I can't share the details until she opens it. (And yes, I did want to keep it for myself, but I won't.)

And now, some long-awaited bootyfruits. I'm cheating a little, but w'ev. First the potato-butt...they have eyes, so why not butts?

And now (bad pun ahead) the mango assi :) Enjoy.


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