Friday, November 17, 2006

Pet Care Advice

So there are 2 ways to help your dog get home safely if he or she escapes from your backyard.

1) ID tags, plus a chip or tattoo if you have the money/time.

2) Hope really hard that something like this happens:

The dog follows a random person, who explains this to another random person (me). I take the dog over to the street where it was first spotted wandering; you are very lucky that this is your street. A carload of more random people pulls up and tells me that the dog belongs to your neighbor, who has "Rotts". The Rotts are actually Pitts, but don't worry -- no harm done. Your neighbor calls your house, but you're not home, so your neighbor walks into your unlocked house (?!) and we drop the dog off.

I personally choose #1...but hey, to each their own. I just REALLY hope that it was actually your dog.


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