Sunday, November 26, 2006

In Which I am Feeling Better...

So...with 2 student doctors in the family, there was bound to be much speculation about the mysterious (and thankfully self-limited) illness. Family opinion weighed in heavily in favor of the flu (no, I have not gotten the flu shot, and no, I do not plan to, therefore the gods of illness are punishing me for my hubris) while I am slightly more undecided. Food poisoning is generally out because I am the only one that got sick; migraines etc. are a possibility, but this would be among my top 5 worst ever and didn't feel quite migrainous; flu...well, I'll grant it as a slim-to-none maybe. Again, I was the only sick one, and my immune system is not that bad. Honest. I will just repeat that I am thankful that it's over. (And hope that it doesn't happen again next year...or I will grow to hate Thanksgiving. Wahaha.)

I forgot to mention in a previous post: Guinness floats are my new favorite food. (Family opinion also weighed in heavily in favor of Guinness float-related illness. Timing very wrong...otherwise, it could be a possibility. Dairy + alcohol...fabulously delicious, but probably not so easy on my stomach. Especially since I was also eating deep-fried foods at the time. On the day before Thanksgiving. Because I am smart like that.) But anyways...few places have Guinness on tap as well as ice cream (vanilla or chocolate or coffee) but if you are ever in one, order a Guinness float. Or two. And don't forget to share with me.

So, since I am feeling better, I decided to cook my other favorite food...Broccoli Casserole. I used leftover Thanksgiving broccoli. (We vegetarians are spared the curse of the turkey soup.) The stuff needs a better name...I could call it Vegan "Quiche", since it is...or Tasty Eggless Breakfast Food, even though I usually eat it for dinner. But whatev, Broccoli Casserole it is, unless I think of something better.

Here's the original recipe, most of the way down the page. I changed it a little: eliminated the mushrooms, doubled the carrot and potato and onion, sorta "whatevered" the rest of the measurements. (I just add water to cover the veggies when they're boiling, add salt and pepper and yeast and lemon juice to taste, and blend in the whole block of tofu. Any recipe that leaves leftovers of half a block of tofu, half an onion, half a carrot, and half a potato is just dumb.) It is my most favorite comfort food ever. And looks beautiful. (Just FYI: rice wine vinegar is a pretty good sub for the lemon juice, and you can use instant white or instant brown rice, but not regular rice or it will take years to cook. And you could probably leave out the broccoli too, if you must.)
I've got a test on Friday, so I'll be in hibernation this week, but I'll post more later. It'll be winter break soon...wooo!


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