Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Weight Loss

So, Thursday morning I read in the newspaper that people gain (on average) between 1 and 2 pounds over Thanksgiving weekend. In the theme of last week's pet care post, there are two ways to avoid this.

1) Eat less and/or exercise more.
2) Become violently ill on Friday, thereby both decreasing calorie consumption (since you can't keep anything down) and increasing exercise (as you run back and forth to the bathroom).

I do, of course, wholeheartedly recommend #1 (despite the temptation of several different types of pie and college football) but "chose" course #2 this year. Much love to my parents for feeding me soup and rice and not complaining about my general unpleasantness. I don't handle illness well...but I am much better now. (And mum, your soup still rocks.)


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