Saturday, July 29, 2006

Five Questions About Knitting

Five things about me and knitting...y'all should answer these questions too. And post in the comments with a link to your answers.

1) When did you start knitting?

July 3rd, 2004. Well apparently Mom taught me when I was a kid (I don't remember, sorry Mom) and I'd tried several times before that and failed miserably (though I did become a brilliant cast-on-er) but that was the first semi-success. It was the night before the Chicago trip, and I'd boarded the dog (for the first time ever); I missed her tremendously and I was very bored. So I learned to knit. And currently, Bu is at my parents' -- I miss her tremendously and I am very bored. So I will knit. And blog.

2) What was your first finished project?

A baby blanket in two shades of blue...I'm a little embarrassed about it now because it definitely looked like a first project: uneven stitches, little holes from unintentional yarnovers, horrible seaming. (I know, I know, who seams a blanket? But what I basically did is knit two scarves and sew them together so that it would be wide enough.) I was very proud of it at the time.

3) What is your favorite yarn?

Inner yarn snob be damned, I love Lion Brand Homespun. It was one of the two shades of blue in the baby blanket, and I have since made several scarves, several pairs of fingerless mitts, and one infamous abominable sweater. (Someone check this link, post a comment and tell me if it works, OK?) I will devote an entire post to that sweater's, um, interesting :) But yeah, Homespun's super-comfy, relatively cheap, and insanely easy to care for. And I love working with it, though I know that not everyone does. Other yarns-I-love include anything with alpaca. And stuff on sale. And any nicely wound ball of yarn that hops off of the shelf and aims itself at Beast (with a little help from me of course).

4) What is your favorite pair of needles?

Steel blue colored aluminum number 9s. First needles I bought, and I love them. I'm still learning to appreciate dpns and circs...Tubey's helping a lot with that. (Fear not, Kabs, you will get your needles back! I'm done with one sleeve and just below the elbow on the other...but I've got a good 8 hours of sit-and-wait in airports coming up this week...)

5) What is the most complicated project you've ever completed?

The DNA Scarf, no question. I wussed out on the mini-cables (and miscrossed a few cables in the pattern) but otherwise worked it exactly as written. I gifted it...and Beast, if you ever lose it, don't tell me. Or I'll cry. And never knit you anything. Ever. Again.

I've attempted a few other complicated things but never finished any. Working on it...but it's hard when you don't have a lot of time to devote to uninterrupted not-while-multitasking knitting. Someday.

So that's me in the fiber to knit!


Blogger Cabbage said...

you have to log into facebook to see it. then it works (the abominable sweater)!

Sunday, July 30, 2006 7:48:00 PM  
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