Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I am going to try and post every few weeks even when I have nothing to say...just so that it doesn't turn into that whole "well, it's been so long that I'm embarrassed to write...it would take too long to catch up on what I've been up to in the last [week, month, year, decade, etc.]" that seems to happen to me all too often. Like, just yesterday I ran into someone that I knew from freshman year of undergrad (forever long ago!) and we had that whole conversation. It was weird trying to summarize 7 years of life in about 3 minutes. (I managed though...go me!)

School is crazy...on top of studying, I'm heavily involved in 2 extracurriculars (each with 2 or 3 subcommittees) and peripherally involved in 2 more. So I've been bombarded with emails (one of which said simply, "What are we going to do?!?! HELP!!" and of course led to more work...) and have therefore had little-to-no time for cooking (much thanks to Mum and to Beast for the amazing homemade food...and to OSU (peripherally) for the pizza that I obtained for free last week.) And no time at all for interesting knitting. Baby hats abound -- and I am thinking of making a stash-busting scarf, so as to free all of my yarn-binge yarn from its plastic bags, to tempt me to make cool stuff...and Kabs, I have not forgotten that I owe you for the rest of the red yarn. I have retrieved the checkbook from under the couch and will pay you. Soon. Or I will get cash...and try not to spend it. (Try being key there.) I cannot wait for this weekend (post-test weekends are the best). It will be full of fiber artistry and of art museum joy. Free on Sundays -- even better.

And until then, I will attempt to maintain my sanity. Wish me luck!


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