Sunday, August 23, 2009


If you're a gardener (or a good friend of a gardener) or have a CSA share, you've got to have that recipe. You know, the one that makes you say "Yay, 11 pounds of veggies!" instead of "Oh. My. Goodness. What will I ever do with 11 pounds of veggies?"

We've figured out that recipe for just about everything. (Okra and eggplant being the current exceptions, but thanks to Nupur, we're working on it.) The only other stumper was tomatoes -- we'd get them super-ripe on Saturday, and they'd be squishy and inedible by Sunday. I peeled, seeded, and froze several of them, hoping to figure out a use for them later. But they kept coming, and I wasn't ready to admit defeat. I found this recipe on Nupur's A to Z of Indian Vegetables, and I've made it twice in two days. The first time I followed the recipe almost-exactly, and the second time I omitted the cumin and mustard seeds, adding purchased spicy sev just before serving to add a little heat. Needless to say, this has become a keeper!