Saturday, May 10, 2008

First of the Lasts

So, the next few weeks are going to be weird and stressful -- moving sucks. It's starting to really hit me that, yes, I am leaving soon. I've reserved my moving truck, packed a few boxes (pitifully few -- a large part of "moving sucks" is "I suck at moving") and had several "OMG, we totally have to get together before you go" conversations. And today I had a "last time" moment smack me upside the head. I think that I'm going to have a lot of those in the next few weeks, and I've probably had a bunch already, but this was the first one that stopped me in my tracks: the last time that I'll be shopping at Soulard Market.

I love Soulard -- it's one of the first places that I sought out when I moved, and I wasn't disappointed. I've definitely gotten spoiled by inexpensive produce, and it's also a great place to people-watch. I'm definitely an impulse buyer (10 lbs of green beans? My own full-sized watermelon? Bags upon bags upon bags of kale? Check. I also randomly bought a huge photograph, and I love it.) and today was no exception. Keeping in mind that I'll be going out of town on Friday, I bought a pineapple, a pound of cherries, 3/4 pound of peaches, a pound of apricots, a box of strawberries, a bunch of broccoli, a head of romaine lettuce, 2 big zucchinis and a head of cabbage. And doughnuts...I totally faceplanted into the greasy bag of cinnamon-sugary goodness, yum.

There will probably be many of these posts in the next few weeks -- it's surreal for me and I'm just trying to work everything out in my head...